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Organization Structure

Organization Structure

The Nagoya Stock Exchange (NSE) is the successor to the Nagoya Stock Exchange Co. Ltd., which was founded in 1886. It was founded in 1949 as a corporation with securities companies as members under the terms of the Securities and Exchange Law. In 2002, Nagoya Stock Exchange, Inc. was established after demutualization of NSE. The Nagoya Stock Exchange is a stock corporation that provides an Exchange Securities Market under authorisation of the Prime Minister.



Mar 1886 "Nagoya Stock Exchange Co.,Ltd." established.
Dec 1931 The Exchange moves to its present building
Apr 1949 "Nagoya Stock Exchange" in the present form founded.
Oct 1961 Second Section for stocks opened.
Nov 1961 Bond trading started.
Feb 1971 Trading in convertible bonds started.
May 1994 Computer-assisted trading system for stocks introduced.
Sep 1994 NSE IR Expo started.
Sep 1998 N-NET introduced.
Oct 1999 The Centrex market for the growth company market section established.
May 2001 NSE information center opened.
Apr 2002 The NSE reorganized from a membership corporation of securities' companies to a joint stock corporation.
Jul 2010 The ETF(Exchange Trade Fund)market Opened.
Apr 2022 The classification of the markets has been reviewed and revised to the Premier Market, the Main Market and the Next Market.